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It’s all in the details – LIGHTING

Ever wonder why I only schedule my sessions in the two hours before sunset or just after sunrise?  While you may guess that I have an addiction to daytime TV, the truth is…it’s ALL about the light.

Natural light photographers crave light. We learn light.  We seek it out.  We practice and understand our cameras, our lenses, and our technique inside and out until we know how to capture the exact image we envision in our minds – before we ever snap the frame.

So what’s the key to the hours just after sunrise and just before sunrise? Simply put…  The world is aglow.  The light is soft and low and will flatter you more than any other time of day.  And for me as a photographer, this is all about YOU!  You should look and feel beautiful (because you are), and love your images.  And the appropriate lighting and time of day is an important piece of the puzzle:

2. The location.
3. The fashion. (Don’t worry, it’s probably already in your closet!)
4. Getting “camera ready”.  Get excited – I’ve partnered with a FABULOUS professional makeup artist.
5. Investing in a photographer who shares your vision and photography style.  (One July may not be for everyone, and that’s okay!)
6. And of course… the actual session! How posing, natural interaction, and working with your photographer brings everything together.

It’s not all work and no play.  I assure you we will have a GREAT time.

And because no post is as much fun without some pictures…meet the fabulous Ashley!


Carrieanne - March 16, 2012

Love these! that first one is perfect!

Lacey - March 17, 2012

SO perfectly put! I couldn’t agree more about craving light. :) And these photos of Ashley are beautiful!

Jen Cooke - March 17, 2012

BEAUTIFUL light!! Love them all!!

Jenn Jones - March 18, 2012

Beautiful light! Beautiful girl! Gorgeous images!

Kim Robertson - March 20, 2012

These are simply breathtaking of Ashley. I love them. Nice work Jess.

Leah Cook - March 22, 2012

such lovely light…and GORGEOUS girl…her smile is perfect.

Hil C - April 17, 2012

Gorgeous shots…and beautiful light:)

Crystal - April 17, 2012

Beautiful images!

SimonaN - April 18, 2012

Love the light – great shots!

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